Business Litigation

Texas is a great place to have a business. Our laws make it a favorable climate in many ways, and new businesses are being started every day. However, this means that our state is no stranger to a wide variety of business problems. A business dispute can bring great hardship to your business and stress to the parties involved. Unfortunately, legal disputes are commonplace in our society today and will impact most businesses. At Martin Cukjati & Tom, LLP, we have extensive experience successfully handling business litigation cases, working with our clients to prevent a lengthy court process if possible and fighting for them in court if litigation is unavoidable and your best option. Risk management, negotiation, arbitration, and meditation are a few tools we can employ if we think that will lead to a better outcome for our clients; however, our team has extensive experience helping clients navigate state and federal courts from the trial level throughout the appeals process.

Our goal is always to minimize the cost of disputes for our clients and help them get a positive outcome for their business. We also know a long, drawn-out legal process serves no one, so we aim to get business litigation issues resolved as quickly as possible so you can focus on the health and success of your organization. We often see clients try to resolve things themselves that they may see as minor issues only to have it spiral out of control into a costly court battle. Contacting us when a problem arises means we can help keep things under control and avoid a significant financial loss for the business and its owners.


Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract

Contracts touch every area of a business and provide the foundation for your dealings with employees, clients, and vendors. Contract disputes occur when someone fails to meet the obligations defined in a contract. A well-structured agreement is the first step to preventing these issues, as it will outline the recourse if someone fails to do what they are contractually obligated to carry out. Litigation is sometimes necessary, but often a breach of contract can be resolved outside of court.

Business partnership dispute

Partnership Disputes

Business can become personal when a partnership dispute arises. Defining each partner’s role is critical for the success of a partnership and can help prevent problems when issues do come up. A partnership dispute can cause strife for the partners and lead to reputational harm to employees, vendors, customers, and clients. Our team can structure agreements and manage disagreements to help preserve the business and its important relationships.

Insurance claims

Insurance Claims

A loss that warrants filing an insurance claim can be devastating to your bottom line. Unfortunately, insurers are usually looking for a way to pay you as little as possible or to deny your claim altogether. If carriers are not giving you a fair deal or are denying a valid claim, we can take over the negotiation process and have them reconsider their denial or lowball offer. Our team is experienced at working with insurance companies both in and out of court and we know how to fight for the maximum compensation due under your policy.

Employee meeting

Employment Litigation

Throughout an employee’s lifecycle at a company, there are many times an issue could arise that could lead to costly litigation. A company’s contracts, policies, and procedures can be strong preventative measures, but employment issues can still occur. Our team can help with everything from reviewing hiring contracts to dealing with a disgruntled terminated employee. Our goal is to help you keep your employees safe and happy and, as a result, help your business grow.

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