Business Transactions

Businesses are involved in transactions every day; and, the types of transactions they are involved in change over the lifecycle of a business. It is important to make sure you have each transaction reviewed by an experienced business attorney to make sure the contracts and agreements have favorable terms and are clearly defined. Failing to consult a commercial lawyer to review crucial business documents could result in costly litigation down the road.

At Martin & Cukjati, LLP, we focus a significant portion of our time on business transactions. While each business is unique in its structure and operations, some transactional areas with which our clients often need legal help are common across the business world.


  • Business Structuring:

    When a business is forming, we help clients structure all of the agreements relating to the organization and ownership of the business. Solid contracts that lay out the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved provide a strong foundation for any new business.  Determining the structure of a business, whether a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC), is one of the first steps to take and will determine how you will need to register your business with the state and how you will have to handle certain operations. For example, if a partnership is the agreed-upon structure, we can help determine items such as admissions, withdrawals, contributions, distributions, ownership, responsibilities, and decision-making authority. We can also help set out rules for business disputes, buyouts, and dissolution of the partnership.

  • Restructuring:

    As a company develops, its original structure may not make sense for a larger organization. We help companies assess the best way to streamline their operations so they are running in the most efficient way that maximizes property, minimizes financial loss, and protects them from liability.

  • Real Estate:

    Real property is usually one of the biggest investments a company makes. Ensuring that contracts are in place to protect your real estate assets is critical to the success of a business. This can include MC&T helping structure and review purchase agreements, commercial leases, construction contracts, and insurance policies.

  • Buyouts/Dissolution:

    If one or all of the owners of a business want to leave an organization, there are many items that require consideration. Sometimes it may be as simple as the remaining owners buying out the owner who wants to exit.  Other times there may be more issues involved or the whole business needs to be dissolved. We find the solution that works best for each business and the owners involved.


The business transactions lawyers of Martin & Cukjati, LLP are ready to help you with all aspects of commercial transactions. We have extensive experience working with all types of businesses, so chances are we have seen your issue before. No matter what the situation, we aim to protect our clients and represent them fairly in all transactions. We work closely with our clients to solve their issues while also helping them focus on protecting their time and money. We also try to resolve issues outside of court, but if litigation is necessary, we are ready to fight for your business. Martin & Cukjati, LLP has successfully represented clients in both state and federal court and can navigate the process no matter where your lawsuit lands. If you are involved in a business transaction that needs a serious eye for detail, contact us today at 210-223-2627 to discuss how we can help.

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